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Introducing Madaba
This easy-going town is best known for its superb and historically significant Byzantine-era mosaics. The town has a strong sense of its unique history, making it a major stop on the tourist trail. Madaba is the most important Christian centre in Jordan, and has long been an example of religious tolerance, a place where the Friday call to prayer from the mosque coexists with Sunday church bells; Muslims make up two-thirds of the population, and Christians one-third.
Madaba is compact and easily explored on foot, with some excellent hotels and restaurants, and is less than an hour by regular public transport from Amman, so it's worth considering as an alternative to Amman as a place to stay. It's even possible to come straight by taxi from Queen Alia International Airport, bypassing Amman altogether.

Madaba is also a good base for exploring the Dead Sea, Bethany-Beyond-the-Jordan (Jesus' baptism site) and other local sites such as Mt Nebo, Mukawir (Machaerus) and Umm ar-Rasas.

Sightseeing Tours Madaba

You will leave Amman to visit Madaba a city known for it's mosaics. The most popular and well known is the ancient and most complete mosaic map of Jordan and the Holy Land of the 6th century in St George Orthodox Church, marked with the points of interest of some historical stories recorded in the Bible.
Let Amman Limo and Tour help you explore Church of St John the Baptist, Madaba Mosaic Map, Um er-Rasas (Kastrom Mefa'a), Madaba Archaeological Park, Church of the Apostles, Mount Nebo, Madaba Archaeological Museum, and Wadi Jadid.

Attractions in Madaba

Next you will climb up Mount Nebo where Moses died. Enjoy the view of the Holy Land and also see more mosaics of different animals and figures found inside the church of Mount Nebo.
Visit the Dead Sea and the desert of Moab. It is the lowest point on earth at 1300 feet (400 meters) below sea level. The Dead Sea is one of the most incredible places in the world, known for the Biblical story of the destruction of Sodom and Amora, which was turned into salt. The Dead Sea speaks for itself; with no living fish in it! It is by far one of Jordan's most impressive and spectacular places to visit.

As the Ministry of Jordan does not allow a driver to also be a guide, a guide is not included in the cost of your tour. Your driver will be very informative and be able to point out and explain sites as you drive past. Many people prefer to visit the sites and follow the walking tracks on their own, although there will be local guides available for hire on arrival at Mt Nebo for an approximate cost of US$15.00 per visit. Your driver will be happy to assist you with any questions or exchange of money. This is a private tour so please list any special interests you have (art, history, culture) at time of booking to alert our driver, so that he or she can prepare for your private tour.

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