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Classic Wadi Rum Jeep Day Tours

Our Classic Jeep tour takes you through the best and most beautiful areas of Wadi Rum, and while we do not miss the core sites, we still take the time to take you a little way off the beaten track. So where do we go on this tour?Lawrence Spring: The view across the Wadi from here is legendary!Khazali Canyon: This canyon with many ancient inscriptions inside, once used by the local Bedouin to rest in the shade, especially in the hot summer.Red Sand Dunes: Anfishieh Inscriptions, Burdah Arch, House of Lawrence, Um Frouth Arch (for some scrambling), and a Special place in a remote corner with a wonderful view across from the red desert to the white desert. This is a good place to relax a little and just take in the splendour of Wadi Rum. You then return to a camp for the night or to Rum Village for your onward journey

Jordan's highest mountain

ebel Umm Adaami is 40 kms south of Rum village; the drive takes you through the stunning
desert wilderness of Wadi Saabet, past natural rock sculptures and along a dried up wadi.
n the centre of the first picture below is a tiny white dot, the 4x4 and next to it, in the sand, lunch is
being cooked. South from the summit is the forbidden landscape of Saudi Arabia (inaccessible to
most of us). The 1854 metre summit of Jebel Umm Adaami is as close as we're allowed.

Petra and Wadi Rum Trek

One of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, Amman offers a fascinating mix of ancient sites and modern culture to explore.

Wadi Rum is a beautiful mountainous desert region in southern Jordan. Although in terms of tourism numbers it pales in comparison to the world renowned site of Petra, it is becoming increasingly popular with tourists seeking to discover the natural beauty of the desert country. It is not well served by public transport and is some 30kms from a main road – it is, after all, a desert. There are no amenities such as hotels, banks, ATMs, or shops. Rum village is merely a collection of simple houses.

Hot Air Ballooning and Ultra Light flights

Bait Ali is the centre of the hot air ballooning which has resumed recently. The balloons are prohibited from going above the Wadi Rum massifs (considered dangerous because of the air currents), but Shakriya is more open and you still get the magnificent views. The ballooning is organised by the Royal Aerosports Club of Jordan in Aqaba,

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