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Amman Security was initially established in 1992 so as to provide first-class close protection services in Jordan to celebrities, politicians and corporate figures for their protection whilst performing their daily operations both nationally and internationally.

Since being established, Amman Security has been internationally recognized as being one of the most professional private high-level Security Agencies in the Jordan, because of this, Amman Security now also provides services to the Diplomats, Dignitaries, Ambassadors, international VIPs & Celebrities, as well as major corporations and companies all over the Jordan.

Amman security is NOT a standard security company with basic trained security guards; instead we are an advanced specialized Close Protection Security company, a high-end provider of tactical security services comprised entirely of highly intelligent and proficient specialist-trained personnel with certified tactical high-level security training. Our operatives derive from some of Jordan’s and the Jordans leading Government Security Agencies, Law Enforcement, Military Special Forces and specialist security organizations.

These specialist operatives and personnel together with our unequalled and indisputable experience in national and international operations allow us to perform Security Protection operations at all levels, from general low level security protection operations, family protection and Corporate Security Protection management, through to High-Risk International Security Operations, Diplomatic and Dignitary Protection, Corporate Executive Protection, Witness Protection and VIP/ Celebrity protection.


is the only private security organisation of its kind in Jordan which is genuinely capable of dealing in all serious, important and high-risk security protection matters involving Governments, corporations, companies and organizations. Furthermore, AMMAN SECURITY is the only private Security Agency in Jordan which assists Government Agencies both nationally and internationally in performing high-level Government protection, Dignitary and Diplomatic Protection and Special Protective Operations.

We protect Government ministers, officials and representatives, diplomats and dignitaries who are targeted by disgruntled individuals, protestor organisations and Terrorist organisations. We protect corporate Executives and Directors who are now being kidnapped for ransom payments and to influence major corporate decisions. We protect celebrities, VIP’s, entertainers and sporting VIP’s who are being targeted by obsessed fans, stalkers, overzealous media and the mentally unstable. We also protect the families of all these identities who are also targeted so as to gain persuasive attention.

In addition to us protecting these identities, we also provide specialist Security Protection Teams to prevent against premeditated violent attacks targeting company executives and individuals whilst attending court, serious assaults and gang related violence targeting individuals, the kidnappings and abductions of corporate executive's spouse and children, the stalking and harassment of VIPs, Celebrities, Sporting identities, Media personalities and their families, violent attacks targeting Corporate CEO's, Executives, Ethnic & Religious leaders and kidnappings of Jordan’s whilst travelling and conducting business internationally.

Our professional services have been proven to be in line with the Jordan’s best where recently we were exclusively selected over every security company and agency in the Jordan, by advisors of a major Government Defense Department, to provide a Tactical Security Protection Unit for the protection of VIP dignitaries travelling on the Jordan's most exclusive train, immediately after a major international train Terrorist attack.


Amman Security provides bespoke close protection units and close protection services in Jordan and surrounding counties. Close protection is a specialist service and we aim to provide excellence to all our clients.

whether you are looking to hire a single body guard or a complete close protection unit, We can help you feel secure all the times.

Please feel free to call us to enquire about our body guard services.

Amman security specialise in the provision of professional body guards personnel to clients across all sectors, throughout Jordan.

Our officers at the front line represent us and our customers, which is why we invest so much in them through training and management support. All of our security personnel are licensed by the SIA. They are encouraged to excel in their positions and as a result are well motivated, not just to deliver service excellence but to establish an association with our clients.

You may require a long term, permanent body guarding solution or security personnel for one off occasions such as escorts for events either way we are confident we can cater your requirements.


if you are looking to hire a security company or a body guard, please feel free to contact our business managers at anytime at  Phone: +1-800-774-8383 during the office hours  to reach our business development manager out of office hours and we will give you the best quotes for hiring the body guards in Jordan.

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